Fresh Ways To Look At Routines For A Rewarding Lifestyle

We typically view people who lead exciting and purposeful lives as individuals who embrace adventures and welcome innovation. Meanwhile, people who do the same things over and over again every day rarely cross our minds. Does this mean that people tied to routines are less happier and fulfilled? Does sticking to a set of tasks day in and day out make people less brave or competent?

For others, it can even be a reason to feel down as they start to see their lives as boring, repetitive, or aimless. However, with an open and fresh point of view, it is easy to see the beauty and stability that routines bring to our lives. The following are some fresh perspectives that will help you to better appreciate routines:

Promotes well-being.

Establishing a set of routines will be more challenging if you keep on moving from place to place. Thus, people who embrace routines are likely to stay in one place for longer periods of time. The good news is that research has proven that this practice is indeed beneficial to our health and happiness. The study says that people who stayed in their hometown are leading happier lives. The same study likewise reveals that these people are less likely to suffer from sickness and even have a longer life expectancy rate.

Nurtures your relationships.

We all know that long-distance relationships are challenging. Forming a close bond requires us to spend a lot of time with the special people in your lives. This will not be so easy if your schedule is always uncertain since you are always gearing up for your next adventure. However, if your days are all planned out because of your routines, nurturing relationships will be more feasible. Routines can also lessen the stress that comes from relationships because people know exactly what to expect from you.

Encourages creativity.

Routines lessen if not remove the stress that can come from always wondering what to do next. This frees your mind from clutter which makes it easier for your creative juices to flow. You may even be surprised with the wave of novel ideas that you are capable of. Moreover, people who follow routines usually have more extra time that they can use to pursue artistic ventures.

A little adventure every now and then can indeed spice up our lives. However, it is likewise important to respect that some people are simply not that bold or adventurous. For some people, finding contentment by following a precise set of routines is already a happy adventure by itself.

Glen and Joya BakerFresh Ways To Look At Routines For A Rewarding Lifestyle
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Three Ways to Cope with Stressful Days

Even the closest of families experience times of stress. As much as we want things to be perfect all the time, that simply isn’t a realistic expectation. When life throws you curveballs, you have to adapt. So, here are three ways to help your family cope with stressful days.

Give Each Other Space

Although your instincts may tell you that you need to get to the root of the problem immediately, sometimes a little space goes a long way. After a stressful day, your family may want to unwind by going to their respective corners and destressing alone. If someone wants to take some time to cool off, that’s okay. Remember that you always have tomorrow to reconnect when emotions are less raw.

Get Active

Another coping strategy is to partake in physical activity as a family. If you’ve endured a particularly trying day together, consider using exercise as a stress reliever. You can suggest something as simple as a walk around the neighborhood, or try a team sport like tennis or basketball. If you think your family needs a dose of mindfulness and mental clarity, yoga may be the perfect fit. Whichever activity you choose, make sure it’s one the whole family can enjoy.

Cook Together

What’s better than a tasty meal? If your family needs help putting a stressful day in the rearview, try cooking dinner together. Think of a favorite meal and gather everyone in the kitchen to prepare it as a group. The act of cooking will give your family something different to focus on, with a happier end goal: a shared meal made with love.

As draining as hard days can be, experiencing them as a family can bring you closer together. Choosing to cope in healthy ways also helps tighten your bond. Keep these three coping strategies handy for the next stressful day to help it end on a happier note than it began.

Glen and Joya BakerThree Ways to Cope with Stressful Days
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Six Signs It Is Time For Some Lifestyle Changes

Do you have this nagging feeling that you’re not enjoying life to the fullest? Have your day-to-day activities turned into a boring routine? Does it feel like you are simply existing and not living? All of these unpleasant emotions can likely be connected to your lifestyle choices. As they say, we are defined by the choices we make, so aiming for a happier and more meaningful life means being willing to implement life changes. Sometimes, though, people fail to recognize the signs that drastic changes are needed to improve the quality of their lives. Read on for six signs it is time for you to make a lifestyle change.

You are aging faster.

To hear people say you are aging gracefully is more than a sweet compliment. It is a sign that you have been taking care of yourself. So when more people start to mistakenly perceive you as someone older than you really are, treat it as a sign that you need to do something to keep aging at bay. There are many factors that can cause premature aging such as unhealthy diet or poor work-life balance. So take time to reflect on your habits and lifestyle to see what needs to be done or changed.

You are always tired.

Constant fatigue is a serious medical concern. Perennial exhaustion can prevent you from giving any task your best. So if you start to notice you can’t seem to keep your energy up most days, it is time to address where your tiredness is coming from. A visit to your doctor can help you determine the cause of the problem. You may have to start adopting a healthier lifestyle or take supplements. Or, you may discover that you have been working way too hard at work or home. These reflections may make you realize that you need to seriously aim to lead a lifestyle that permits more time for rest and relaxation.

You hate your job.

If you feel stuck in a toxic workplace and dread coming to work every  day, you may want to seriously consider a career change. Our jobs can provide financial stability, so it is not always easy to quit or leave.  However, you may be sacrificing growth opportunities and risking your mental health by refusing to leave a job you hate. On the other hand, looking for a new career path may lead you to follow your passions and realize your full potential.

You are with negative people.

The company you keep can greatly influence your mindset. If you’re feeling down and uninspired, you could be hanging out with the wrong people. Or maybe you are trapped in the wrong relationship. It may be a difficult and painful process, but sometimes weeding out the bad people in your life is the wise thing to do. You might have to end a current relationship or seek new activities that exclude certain people so you can meet new ones who can uplift and encourage you to be better.

You have stopped learning.

A well-lived life is a continuous journey toward learning and self-improvement. If  you are no longer pursuing any hobbies or brushing up knowledge in your area of expertise, you probably need to revive your thirst for knowledge. To regain your zest for learning, you can sign up for classes, attend a conference or start a new project. You will definitely improve your lifestyle if you consistently follow the path to self improvement.

You are in a financial rut

Money isn’t everything, but it is a big factor that can affect your happiness. If you are struggling to pay your debt because it is bigger than your income, it‘s time to reexamine your lifestyle. You likely need to drastically minimize spending or let go of luxuries until you are out of debt. Solving money issues can be tough, but it will be very doable if you are willing to make some lifestyle changes.

We are all free to live the way we want. Our lifestyle choices, though, should always work to our advantage. So the moment you feel that something is amiss, have the courage and initiative to implement changes.  

Glen and Joya BakerSix Signs It Is Time For Some Lifestyle Changes
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Enrich Your Lifestyle & Make A Difference: Do These 4 Things Everyday!

Life is a precious gift given to all, yet not everyone has the strength or wisdom to appreciate and enjoy every moment. Sadly, a recent survey by Gallup, a performance-management consulting company, revealed that the number of people who are sad or in pain have increased over the last ten years. This research exposes the unfortunate truth that unhappiness affects people worldwide.

But to succumb to depression is to accept defeat. Instead of letting life get you down, the results of the survey mentioned above should even give you a reason to strive for a more meaningful existence. Happiness is a daily decision you make if you want to improve your life and make a difference. You can start by a making a firm resolve to do the following things everyday.

Commit to doing a good deed.

Kindness goes a long way because the positive action benefits both the receiver and giver. It boosts your confidence by knowing you can brighten someone’s day, and at the same time, create a positive influence. So why not make it a daily goal to do something good for others? It does not have to be a burdensome task. It can be as simple as lending a hand to someone in need of assistance or being more patient to someone having a hard time.

Commit to see the good side of everything.

You cannot expect for things to always go smoothly or for people to always be on your side. To fully enjoy every moment, you should try to not allow negative people and situations to dampen your cheerful spirit. You may not be able to avoid gloomy people or situations, but you can choose to focus on the good side of things.

If you stay positive, problems come with valuable lessons and losing something opens an opportunity to find something new. Another thing that will help you focus on positivity is realizing that the negative things or people have nothing to do with you. This means that you can ignore or avoid them. You can also overcome the negative energy with your positive outlook.

Commit to loving yourself more.

If you seek happiness in others, you may end up hurt and disappointed. Your joy should come from within. You can nurture your inner happiness by doing things that you love everyday. Life is tough enough, so don’t be too hard on yourself. You can always push yourself to do better, but don’t forget to be gentle with yourself. Take a break if you are tired or find ways to reward yourself after a long, exhausting day.

Commit to learning.

Famous scientist Albert Einstein once said, “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious.” This quote from a man whose discoveries greatly benefited society states that wonderful things happen when one is always eager to welcome and study new ideas. Learning is a lifelong journey and the vast world will never run out of things for you to discover.

So keep your eyes open for new knowledge and skills to learn. If you find joy in learning new things, you will never lose that sense of wonder which is essential to seeing the beauty of life. Your dedication to gain more knowledge will contribute to your overall satisfaction in life.

So many people are in despair and it isn’t hard to fathom why. Life is not a walk in the park, and sometimes it seems easier to just live in misery day after day. It takes courage, determination and commitment to fully experience the joy of living. To enrich your life, you need guts to rise above failures and disappointments. It may sound difficult to stay happy in a grief-laden world, but it is a challenge worth pursuing.

Glen and Joya BakerEnrich Your Lifestyle & Make A Difference: Do These 4 Things Everyday!
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3 Things to Focus on Everyday to Become a Better Person

It’s easy to lose sight of your conscious self-improvement goals when your life is filled with packed schedules and long to-do lists. Especially with the holidays approaching, it’s extra important to make time to re-evaluate where you are on your self-improvement journey to make sure you constantly becoming a better version of yourself whether you’re at home or in your community. Here are 3 things you should focus on everyday to become a better person.

Your values

Your values and priorities in life are essentially what guide your decision making, your actions, and ultimately determine the kind of person you become. That’s why it’s so important to reassess your values and make sure they shine through in every encounter and are reflected in every conversation you have each day. Take time each day to focus on how you will make your values shine through in your life. If you can make your values visible in the way you live, they will become the things that define you as a person.

Your role models

Identify the people in your life who influence you to be better and do better every day. These people may be your mentors, your friends, your family members, or truly whoever pushes you to challenge yourself and become a better version of yourself day in and day out. Once you identify these influential people, strive to make sure you conduct yourself in your daily habits and interactions the same way your role models would. In doing so, you will lead a life you’re proud of.

Your passions

Maintain your vision for the future and whatever it is that excites you in life. If you make an effort to consciously recall your passions every day, you will maintain your excitement and constantly challenge yourself to reach your goals. Whatever it is that fuels you and gives you a source of fulfillment, don’t lose it. Keep your passions visible every day to proactively become a better you.

If you keep these 3 things in mind each day, you will have all the reason you need to improve yourself every morning when you hop out of bed. Remember to focus on these three things to become the person you want to be.

Glen and Joya Baker3 Things to Focus on Everyday to Become a Better Person
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How to Change Your Perspective from the Inside Out

If you’ve decided wholeheartedly to make a lifestyle change, then congratulations! Making the decision to change the way your life looks is a hard decision in itself because it means deciding to live your life with the steady commitment, sacrifice, and dedication that will allow your new lifestyle to become a reality. However, the next step in giving your lifestyle a makeover is not as simple. It means giving it your all and actually following through with the goals you set for yourself in the first place. Essentially, it requires a completely changed, or at least a redirected perspective, in order to transform the way you live your life. Here are three simple steps on how to change your perspective from the inside out.

Start fresh

First things first, to change the way your life looks from the inside out, you will need to detox yourself from all of the unwanted things that clutter your life currently. Detox your mind and body from bad habits and any sort of unhealthy tendencies. Clear your life of anything you don’t want or need in order to make room for positive changes to revolutionize the way you live your life.

Make a plan

Next, you will need a plan of action as to how you will actually follow through with your decision and authentically change your perspective from the inside out. Make sure you have a game plan in place before it’s too late. Consider the hardships you might face along the way and have a strategy in mind that will allow you to defeat these setbacks before they have the chance to defeat you.

Change your routines

The third and final step is to actually launch your new lifestyle into action. Start small by changing one area of your life at a time. Be patient with yourself, and don’t expect every part of your life to change at once. Changing one routine at a time will eventually change your entire perspective and completely alter the way your life looks.

Changing your perspective from the inside out can seem like a daunting and nearly impossible task at first. However, if you break it down into these three steps and commit yourself to whatever it is you want most, anything is possible.

Glen and Joya BakerHow to Change Your Perspective from the Inside Out
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Patriotic Destinations For the Fourth of July

Fourth of July fills us with a sense of pride as we celebrate our history and freedom. But our freedom did not come easily. These patriotic destinations hold the stories of what makes our country so great. After visiting these patriotic destinations and learning the history behind our country, you will leave with a renewed sense of patriotism.

Independence Hall

This is where it all began. Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Independence Hall is where the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. The Constitution was also signed here in 1787. You can also see the Liberty Bell and other historical museums and sites within Independence National Historic Park. There isn’t a better place to put you in a patriotic mood!

Statue of Liberty

Except for the flag, the Statue of Liberty is most of the most recognized symbols in America. Located in New York City, the Statue of Liberty has been a symbol of hope, freedom, and liberty since it was gifted to the United States in 1886 by the French. See where millions of immigrants took their first steps on America soil in the pursuit of a better life.

Arlington National Cemetery

This is the final resting place of not only important figures throughout U.S history but also thousands of soldiers who lost their lives to protect our nation and everything it believes in. Every Fourth of July we should take a moment to remember not only active soldiers and veterans but also those who have fallen. When visiting this site, be sure to provide our fallen with the utmost respect. Instruct children not to run or yell while on the grounds.

National Mall

Located in Washington DC, the National Mall holds three national monuments. At the west end sits the Lincoln Memorial, a tribute to Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, as a symbol of unity, strength, and wisdom. In the center sits the Washington Monument. The Washington Monument, which commemorates George Washington, stands over 555 feet fall, making it the tallest stone structure in the world. At the east end sits the U.S Capitol. The U.S Capitol, which houses the Senate and House of Representatives, is a monument of the enduring freedom and liberty that guides the United States.

When visiting our nation’s historic sites, take a minute and think of all the work and sacrifice that took place to give us our freedom. It took many courageous people to make our country the great nation that it is, and we should honor those people.

Glen and Joya BakerPatriotic Destinations For the Fourth of July
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Top 3 Things to Wish for in The Trevi Fountain

When in Rome, there are a few things that everyone has to do—they are the unwritten, unspoken laws of traveling in Italy. One of those universally accepted laws is that you must cast your wish into the Trevi Fountain. But why? Well, superstition holds true that tossing three coins into the Trevi Fountain will ensure that you return to Rome, strike up a new romance, and marry the person of your dreams. If you’ve already been to Rome several times, and you’ve met the man or woman of your dreams and married him or her, then what is there left to wish for?

Obviously, you can wish for whatever you’d like. And don’t worry about wasting any coins in the fountain. The coins are collected each night and redistributed toward funding a special supermarket to serve the poor with the help of the Italian Red Cross.

But, if you are wondering what to wish for when you’re tossing your coins into the Trevi Fountain, consider these three great options:

Wish for World Peace

This one really goes without explaining. World peace is world peace. Who wouldn’t be for it? And, if it doesn’t come about as a result of your coin tossing, at least you’ve inadvertently donated to a worthy local cause. That’s one step in the right direction toward making that wish come true!

Wish for Freedom

Not for yourself. If you’re already on vacation in Italy, and you can afford to literally throw money away, you have the kind of freedom that 98 percent of the world only dreams about. When you find yourself wanting for something to wish for at the edge of the Trevi Fountain, wish for freedom for those who have yet to attain it.

Then, when you get home from your trip, start kicking it into action and work to help others find their freedom. What better wish fulfillment is there than a job well done, after all?

Wish for More Wishes

Okay, this one is kind of a cop-out. But, the truth is: wishing for more wishes only means that you have the capacity to dream bigger than the fountain will allow.

When in Rome, it’s only appropriate to dream big and live bigger. So go ahead, make whatever wish your heart desires!

Glen and Joya BakerTop 3 Things to Wish for in The Trevi Fountain
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