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How to Do Less and Lead More

by | Lifestyle

In most modern businesses, there are essentially two types of leaders. Of course, to be fair, there are thousands upon thousands of ways to classify and slice and dice and categorize leaders, but for the purposes of this article, we’re going to focus on two major trends in business leadership. First of all, there are leaders who lead by example; they’re hands-off, and they’d prefer to work themselves to the bone in the hopes that their followers will emulate them. Secondly, in the opposite camp, there are leaders who take the time to lead intentionally. They don’t seem to be doing quite as much as their overactive counterparts, but what you don’t see is the commitment to excellence they embody through their subtle methods.

All of this is not to say either way is necessarily the “right” way to lead, but there are some notable benefits to the method of hands-on, subtle leadership. It’s all in the art of doing less and leading more.

So, how do you do less and lead more? It’s certainly not a simple feat. It takes finesse. It takes communication. More than anything, it takes dedication.

If you’re going to commit to doing less for yourself, if you’re going to put a stop to simply leading by example, then you need to go all in. You need to be there 100 percent in every respect for your followers, for your mentees, for the people you help and coach.

How do you go all in? There’s really no set way to go all in, but at the core of the principle is the idea that this is a calling. To be a leader is a unique vocation, and it’s one that very few truly receive and even fewer answer.

When you feel compelled to lead others, and you answer that call, you have to be willing to make it a priority.

At the end of the day, you will ultimately be doing so much more as a leader, even if you’re nominally doing less. You may not get the glory for your own work, but you’ll have something even better: the satisfaction of knowing you truly led.


  1. William Diaz

    Phenomenal leadership advice. Thank you!

  2. Brad

    Great article. Too often we think that “leading” equals doing the most and working the hardest. Sometimes, we need to remember to step back and let others pick up the ball.

  3. Andrew

    This perfectly describes Glen and Joya. So relaxed and free but always there for the people they lead

  4. Fares Bader

    Amazing couple! Have changed my families life for generations to come!

  5. Gary Andrews

    Wow! Great leadership principles. The concepts can be applied to most everything I do.

  6. Brandon

    Everything rises and falls on leadership

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    Great advice. This helps me to understand the value of mentorship.

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  11. Jon Manez

    What an awesome example of being leaders! Thank you so much, Glen and Joya on teaching us how to be, not only leaders, but great leaders who impact the world.

  12. Jamie

    Love, love all the messages within this topic ‘How to Do Less and Lead More.’

  13. Teresa Alvizo

    This is so simple & easy to understand.

  14. Lauren

    Just amazing! It’s great to know there are people out there that are able to lead without sacrificing so much of their precious time. It’s great they still dedicate so much to teaching others to succeed! Not many wealthy people are even willing to speak with you, let alone show you the way to the same success. They are a true inspiration!

  15. Jim

    Thank you for sharing. I think servant leadership is something that we could use a lot more of in our society these days!

  16. David Weeks

    Awesome way to think of leading!

  17. Annie

    This is a powerful message. Leadership is a calling! Thanks for the inspiration:)

  18. nicole

    Wow! This was super helpful in helping me work through some goals right now. Thanks again!

  19. Karen Cowan

    You are awesome people and mentors.

  20. Eric

    Definitely want to lead more and do less!

  21. Lynette

    Such a great post! Always good reminders of success principles, having an all-in mindset, and priorizing what’s important over what’s urgent.

  22. Leslie

    Awesome and insightful perspective on leadership!

  23. Ravi

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    Good insight

  24. Jayson evangelista

    Amazing message, living for others is truely a gift.

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    like this one! It had some very helpful points.
    thanks guys for all you do!

  26. Stephen peace

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  27. Jason

    You guys are so amazing! Phenomenal parents, spouses, coaches and mentors! Thanks so much!!

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  29. Chris

    You guys are awesome examples of this!

  30. Drew

    No words can express how grateful my family and I are for you two saying YES many years ago to embrace coaching and mentorship in your life, but then truly paying it forward and impacting many many lives!

  31. Rachel

    Awesome mindset! I’ve never thought about the notion that leading by example and leading intentionally could be two totally different things. Thanks for the perspective!

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  33. Leslie

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  34. Gary Andrews

    Excellent. Leverage your influence by teaching others to lead instead of doing it all yourself with followers. Common sense thinking that is not all the common out in the world.

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