For the Bakers, there’s nowhere they’d rather be than at home with their family. When asked about spending quality time with their kids, Glen and Joya have said, “We would choose our kids over anything else any day of the week. Before we got free, we could only spend quote unquote quality time with them. What we wanted was quality and quantity time, and now we have just that.”

Since achieving financial freedom, Glen and Joya have always been able to enjoy as much time as they could ever want with their kids and now with their grandkids. When they were younger, they had a big dream, and they made that dream their priority until they had the luxury of free time. Their dream was not just financial security or even financial freedom; it was simply to be able to spend their time the way they wanted to spend it.

Again, because their family has always been their first priority, that was their main motivation to keep going until they reached the top—and not even stop at that. They’ve built a legacy for their family, and they’re proud to be able to share in that legacy building with their children and their grandchildren.

Now that their children have grown up and moved out and gotten married and had kids of their own, they’re even more delighted to be able to spend that same quality and quantity time with their expanding family. The whole Baker family makes it a point not only to spend time together at home, but also to go on trips together and see the world as a great, big, happy family. They have been all over the place, and they’re currently making plans to go on even more adventures as a family.

What makes Glen and Joya special is not their success, but their determined dedication to make their family their number one priority—always. No matter what their circumstances have been over the years, they’ve always managed to accentuate the positive, to be excellent parents and devoted partners to one another, and ultimately to live their lives with absolutely no regrets.

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