Since they achieved financial freedom in the early 1990’s, Glen and Joya Baker have never looked back. Their previous lifestyle was exhilarating and exciting, but it was ultimately untenable on their income. Before too long, if they wanted to be able to continue living a remarkable life, they knew they had to do something different. They dreamed of living a life with no regrets—and a life without debt. They knew it was possible, but they also knew that it would take considerable hard work. Glen and Joya couldn’t do it alone, and fortunately, they never had to. They always had the support of incredible mentors and peers to bolster their success.

Now that they no longer have to worry about any debt saddling them—and they haven’t had to worry for over twenty years—they’ve been able to travel the world entirely unfettered. They’ve been all over Europe, from touring Greece on a private yacht to throwing coins into the Trevi Fountain in Rome and everywhere in between. Outside of traveling luxuriously through Europe, Glen and Joya have also taken trips to South Africa to go on wildly adventurous safaris, and they make frequent trips out to the sand and surf in Hawaii.

Wherever they go, Glen and Joya lead an extravagant, first-class lifestyle. Even though they’ve got private yachts and planes at their disposal, they’re still incredibly humble people. It’s never been about notoriety or riches for them; it’s always been about serving others first and having a wonderful time with their family and friends.

They feel so incredibly blessed that they’ve been able to lead such a rewarding lifestyle for so long, and it’s always their aim to spread that joy to others as much as they can. They’re huge believers in paying it forward. Though they have an unbelievable amount of personal success that they’ve accrued over the years, they have always tried to encourage others that they, too, can reach that pinnacle for themselves. Glen and Joya still remain passionate about their dreams, and to this day, they continue to live out their dream life one glorious day at a time.

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