Glen and Joya Baker are passionate dreamers, and when they commit to something, they are all in. When it comes to mentorship, there are few things to which they are more committed. Glen and Joya have realized that they can accomplish so much more and be so much more successful as a couple, as individuals, and as business leaders when they invest in others.

The idea that mentorship inspires everyone to be their best selves certainly isn’t a new one, and it’s one that Glen and Joya know very well. They weren’t born successful leaders, and they definitely haven’t always been mentors. It all started with someone else taking a chance on them first.

Had their mentors not taken that chance, Glen and Joya are sure that they wouldn’t have made it as far in life and in business as they have. That’s the thing about mentorship: it’s not just about becoming a more successful business owner; it’s about becoming a better person all around. It’s about changing your mentality and updating the way you see the world around you. It’s about learning how to take that same passion for life and translate it into helping others be better.

And that’s precisely what Glen and Joya do now that they’ve established their own success. They devote their time and efforts to helping, coaching, and mentoring others to be better business owners, and more importantly, better people.

Glen and Joya were given a unique opportunity to live their lives on purpose and with purpose, and it’s now their goal to help others to do the same. They believe that that’s the way the world changes for the better: through shifting the focus to positivity and igniting people’s latent passions for life. They also believe deeply in the concept of paying their good fortune forward.

When they’re looking for people to mentor, Glen and Joya try to choose people in whom they see potential. They look for those who have drive, ambition, and a real need for coaching in their lives to be great. Not everyone passes muster, but those who do are the ones that really shine with the help of great mentorship.

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