Without all of the meaningful relationships Glen and Joya have created and fostered over the years, they would not be as successful as they currently are. For as long as they’ve been involved with mentorship and life coaching, they’ve taught and been taught the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people and constantly encouraging those people to be as successful as they can be in everything they do.

Glen and Joya Baker have always made their family their first priority, and that’s no secret. They started their own business in the beginning  in the hopes of being able to spend more time with their young kids. Once their kids grew up and moved out of the house, though, that priority shifted a little. They went from wanting to be at home with their kids to wanting to spend more time with one another and treat their marriage as a top priority. Of course, their relationship has always been of the utmost importance to them, but while their kids were young, they made them number one.

Now that the Bakers are grandparents, they’ve got new relationships to foster and grow. They absolutely adore spending time with their grandkids, and they’re so happy that both of their children and their respective significant others get to be full-time parents like they were.

When it comes to relationships outside of their family, Glen and Joya Baker treat all of their closest friends as though they were actually family anyway. They make ample time for their friends, and they really enjoy going on adventures and sightseeing around the world with other couples. The Bakers are thankful that they have the unique opportunity to be surrounded by such positively inspiring people day in and day out.

For Glen and Joya, the most amazing moments in life aren’t quite as wonderful without the right people to share them with. That’s why they’ve invested so heavily in meaningful relationships more than in anything else. All in all, they’ve come to realize over the years that long-lasting friendships and partnerships are worth so much more than their weight in gold.

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