Three Proven Hacks To Avoid Distractions & Improve Focus

In spite of laying out wonderful plans for the day, many of us are guilty of leaving many of the items in our to-do list undone. When you try to examine what’s keeping you from accomplishing as much as you wanted to, the most likely culprit will be – distractions! All throughout the day, we are bombarded with seemingly endless attacks of things and concerns that steer us away from the things we are supposed to do.

You could have finished that presentation document in two hours if only you did not have to stop every now and then to check your social media feed. Or you could have easily exceeded your daily target quota if you did not prolong those chat conversations. Your productivity can also be affected by factors such as noise, mess, and unpleasant emotions such as sadness and negativity. Needless to say, the key to being more productive is to avoid these distractions by strengthening focus and concentration. The following are simple hacks you can try to do more in a day:

Start by being organized.

Is your work desk filled with unnecessary clutter? The mess will not help you focus on your work. Chances are, you will even feel more distracted and anxious. This assumption is backed by research done by Cornell University saying that clutter can agitate a person and decreases the mind’s ability to act accordingly and stay focused. Thus, if you wish to get more things done, you may want to clean your work area first.

Spend some time meditating.

The ability to focus intently on a task is a trait you can attribute to successful people. Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, and Oprah Winfrey are just a few famous personalities attesting the many benefits you can gain from spending a few minutes of your day in meditation. Incidentally, several studies also prove the many advantages of meditation to physical and emotional health. One study even claims that meditating results in a younger brain. As you build up your brain muscles by meditating, you are also improving your focus and concentration. Thus, if you are struggling to say no to a distracting activity, it is probably a good idea to give those breathing exercises a try.

Drink up!

If your mind is constantly wandering elsewhere while you try to finish a task, there are several options you can try for remedy. Some can suggest drinking coffee, eating sweets, or taking a break. You may “however” get better results by simply downing a glass of water. According to a research, dehydration adversely affects our mind’s ability to think clearly. On the other hand, another study reveals that sufficient water consumption can significantly improve cognitive function. The study says that staying hydrated is an effective way to increase concentration and productivity. So if you wish to boost your brainpower, try drinking more water.

To be immune to distractions can sound like a huge challenge.However, science has proven through their research and studies that there are simple hacks you can make use to stay glued and focused on a task. If so many distractions are keeping you from maximizing your potential and achieving goals, you may want to give the above methods a try.

Glen and Joya BakerThree Proven Hacks To Avoid Distractions & Improve Focus
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Three Tips To Cope With Relationship Anxiety

People have an intrinsic need to connect with someone. We build and nurture relationships because it makes our lives happier and more meaningful. Even so, people who are about to enter into a relationship are usually advised to proceed with caution. You want to be careful to lessen the risk of ending up with an unsuccessful relationship. Thus, some people may spend too much time analyzing their compatibility with another person. It is also possible to mull possible relationship problems over and over in your head.

The uncertainty involved in forming a close bond with someone is indeed risky so it is understandable if some will experience relationship anxieties. Psychologists define it as the condition when someone finds it hard to start or maintain relationships because they cannot stop worrying about the negative consequences that might occur. Relationship anxiety is normal to a certain degree but dwelling on these negative emotions too much can hinder you from living a happy and fulfilling life. Do not allow unnecessary worries to prevent you from enjoying lasting and rewarding relationships. The following tips can help you cope with relationship anxiety:

Deal with your insecurities.

Anxious thoughts come when you are not secure about your own strengths and abilities. So even though it may be hard, try to do something to crush the self-doubts in your head. Control your inner voice to ensure that you are not harboring a negative self-image. Set time to reflect on where your insecurities are coming from and actively seek ways to overcome it. Stop thinking that you are not good enough and come face to face with it. Feelings of inadequacies will likely create problems because you may think that you do not deserve to receive love and might also be unable to show affection to others as well.

Manage your expectations.

Having a realistic mindset is crucial in a relationship because very high expectations will likely lead to disappointments. Open your eyes to the truth that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Expecting things to be a bed of roses will just worsen your anxieties. It can also lead to overly demanding behaviors which can easily ruin a relationship. Be ready with the possibility to discover flaws with your partner but realize that learning how to deal with these imperfections is what makes relationships beautiful.

Live for the moment.

People who constantly worry about the future waste their chance to truly enjoy the great moments that are happening in their lives at the moment. Thus, one good way to lessen anxiety is by focusing on the present. Accept that although you can always prepare for it, you cannot really control future events. It is useless to keep on thinking about things that could happen because it may not even happen at all. Thus, prepare for the future but resolve to live life day by day and you may see your anxieties fly away.

Relationships are like two-edged swords; while meaningful ones bring immense benefits, people in toxic relationships can badly suffer. Even so, since we can all grow and learn from our deep connections with others, relationships are usually worth taking the risk. So prepare wisely, let go of anxieties and hope for the best.

Glen and Joya BakerThree Tips To Cope With Relationship Anxiety
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Enrich Your Lifestyle & Make A Difference: Do These 4 Things Everyday!

Life is a precious gift given to all, yet not everyone has the strength or wisdom to appreciate and enjoy every moment. Sadly, a recent survey by Gallup, a performance-management consulting company, revealed that the number of people who are sad or in pain have increased over the last ten years. This research exposes the unfortunate truth that unhappiness affects people worldwide.

But to succumb to depression is to accept defeat. Instead of letting life get you down, the results of the survey mentioned above should even give you a reason to strive for a more meaningful existence. Happiness is a daily decision you make if you want to improve your life and make a difference. You can start by a making a firm resolve to do the following things everyday.

Commit to doing a good deed.

Kindness goes a long way because the positive action benefits both the receiver and giver. It boosts your confidence by knowing you can brighten someone’s day, and at the same time, create a positive influence. So why not make it a daily goal to do something good for others? It does not have to be a burdensome task. It can be as simple as lending a hand to someone in need of assistance or being more patient to someone having a hard time.

Commit to see the good side of everything.

You cannot expect for things to always go smoothly or for people to always be on your side. To fully enjoy every moment, you should try to not allow negative people and situations to dampen your cheerful spirit. You may not be able to avoid gloomy people or situations, but you can choose to focus on the good side of things.

If you stay positive, problems come with valuable lessons and losing something opens an opportunity to find something new. Another thing that will help you focus on positivity is realizing that the negative things or people have nothing to do with you. This means that you can ignore or avoid them. You can also overcome the negative energy with your positive outlook.

Commit to loving yourself more.

If you seek happiness in others, you may end up hurt and disappointed. Your joy should come from within. You can nurture your inner happiness by doing things that you love everyday. Life is tough enough, so don’t be too hard on yourself. You can always push yourself to do better, but don’t forget to be gentle with yourself. Take a break if you are tired or find ways to reward yourself after a long, exhausting day.

Commit to learning.

Famous scientist Albert Einstein once said, “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious.” This quote from a man whose discoveries greatly benefited society states that wonderful things happen when one is always eager to welcome and study new ideas. Learning is a lifelong journey and the vast world will never run out of things for you to discover.

So keep your eyes open for new knowledge and skills to learn. If you find joy in learning new things, you will never lose that sense of wonder which is essential to seeing the beauty of life. Your dedication to gain more knowledge will contribute to your overall satisfaction in life.

So many people are in despair and it isn’t hard to fathom why. Life is not a walk in the park, and sometimes it seems easier to just live in misery day after day. It takes courage, determination and commitment to fully experience the joy of living. To enrich your life, you need guts to rise above failures and disappointments. It may sound difficult to stay happy in a grief-laden world, but it is a challenge worth pursuing.

Glen and Joya BakerEnrich Your Lifestyle & Make A Difference: Do These 4 Things Everyday!
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