Are Your Kids Ready For The Future? Give Them An Edge With These Skills

Parenting has always been a huge responsibility. We all want our kids to reap success and lead rewarding lives in the future. Yet, in this fast-paced digital age, parenting seems to have become a harder task. Technology is rapidly changing the way people live all over the world and kids are now faced with a greater challenge more than ever.You can boost your child’s advantage in the digital world by teaching them the following skills:

Teach Them a Foreign Language 

Technological advancements have indeed made the world smaller so raising bilingual or multilingual kids will prove to be beneficial in the long run. The future workforce will most likely be composed of people from various cultures so the ability to speak and understand a foreign language will open more career opportunities. They say it is best to start learning a language at a young age, so it is a good idea to enroll your child in a foreign language class or simply install an app that offers language courses. Learning a new language also leads to other benefits such as wider vocabulary and improved memory. It is also a great way to teach your kids about embracing diversity.

Make Your Kids Social Media Savvy 

Social media is everywhere these days and your kids most likely have or will soon have an account. Get involved by educating your child on how to use the online media platforms responsibly. Teach your kids how they can take advantage of the social media platforms by telling them the good (e.g., sharing knowledge) and bad (e.g., cyber-bullying) side of it. While you do not want to snoop or monitor your child’s every move online, gently remind them to always think before clicking or posting anything. You should also teach them ways on how they can protect their privacy online.

Emphasize the Importance of Offline Time

Kids today spend a great deal of time online, from leisure activities such as watching movies and playing games to serious stuff such as researching and studying. To help them grow-up up as well-rounded kids, parents need to teach their children to balance the time they spend in online and offline activities. A surefire way to impart this knowledge to youngsters is by being a good example. It will be hard to tell your kids to limit screen time to a few hours a day if you spend most of the time online as well. So schedule fun and traditional activities or teach them new skills that do not involve any gadget at all. It will be great for bonding and at the same time will make your child realize that there are other worthwhile activities to do offline.

Inform Them About Emerging In-Demand Skills

Parents should be on the lookout about the latest in the digital trends to know the skills that may be indispensable for their kids in the future. You do not have to force it, but you can encourage your children to take lessons in fields such as robotics or coding.


Parents want nothing but the best for their kids, so it is understandable if some will go to great lengths just to ensure it. Still, at the end of the day, the best way to nurture your kid’s potential is by showering them with unconditional love and support.


Glen and Joya BakerAre Your Kids Ready For The Future? Give Them An Edge With These Skills
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Why You Need to Learn Lessons the Hard Way

One of the hardest but most important things to learn as a parent is when to teach your children lessons the hard way. No one enjoys watching the people they love to experience the hardships and heartbreaks in life. But life isn’t always easy. We all know that there will come a point in everyone’s experience where things don’t go as planned, and the only way to get through it is with courage and a mature perspective. But there is no class you can take that teaches you how to handle the hard parts of life with grace––only life experience can teach you that. This is why it’s important to learn lessons the hard way. 

Instead, the best and most effective thing you can do to help your children learn is to teach by example. Next time life throws you a curveball, teach your children how to handle hardships with grace by leading by example. Hold your head high and face whatever it is the same kind of courage you want your kids to take note of. Although they are young, kids notice more than what we give them credit for, and if you teach by example they are much more likely to incorporate the habits they learn from you into their own life.

But how are you supposed to just stand by and watch your kids learn lessons the hard way when every ounce of your being is telling you to swing in, hold their hand, and walk them through it every step of the way? It’s no easy task, but you have to remember that when you don’t intervene you’re helping them learn by letting them learn. They may experience some hurt feelings along the way, but these hurt feelings are temporary. The lessons they will learn by overcoming them will last a lifetime.

So that’s why it’s so important to let your children make their own mistakes and learn life’s lessons the hard way. It’s never an easy thing to do, but you have to ask yourself if you would rather your kids going through life with naivety and innocence or with the boldness and audacity to overcome adversity. The truth is if you never let your kids learn lessons the hard way, they’ll never learn how to overcome hardships on their own.

Glen and Joya BakerWhy You Need to Learn Lessons the Hard Way
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