Three Tips To Cope With Relationship Anxiety

People have an intrinsic need to connect with someone. We build and nurture relationships because it makes our lives happier and more meaningful. Even so, people who are about to enter into a relationship are usually advised to proceed with caution. You want to be careful to lessen the risk of ending up with an unsuccessful relationship. Thus, some people may spend too much time analyzing their compatibility with another person. It is also possible to mull possible relationship problems over and over in your head.

The uncertainty involved in forming a close bond with someone is indeed risky so it is understandable if some will experience relationship anxieties. Psychologists define it as the condition when someone finds it hard to start or maintain relationships because they cannot stop worrying about the negative consequences that might occur. Relationship anxiety is normal to a certain degree but dwelling on these negative emotions too much can hinder you from living a happy and fulfilling life. Do not allow unnecessary worries to prevent you from enjoying lasting and rewarding relationships. The following tips can help you cope with relationship anxiety:

Deal with your insecurities.

Anxious thoughts come when you are not secure about your own strengths and abilities. So even though it may be hard, try to do something to crush the self-doubts in your head. Control your inner voice to ensure that you are not harboring a negative self-image. Set time to reflect on where your insecurities are coming from and actively seek ways to overcome it. Stop thinking that you are not good enough and come face to face with it. Feelings of inadequacies will likely create problems because you may think that you do not deserve to receive love and might also be unable to show affection to others as well.

Manage your expectations.

Having a realistic mindset is crucial in a relationship because very high expectations will likely lead to disappointments. Open your eyes to the truth that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Expecting things to be a bed of roses will just worsen your anxieties. It can also lead to overly demanding behaviors which can easily ruin a relationship. Be ready with the possibility to discover flaws with your partner but realize that learning how to deal with these imperfections is what makes relationships beautiful.

Live for the moment.

People who constantly worry about the future waste their chance to truly enjoy the great moments that are happening in their lives at the moment. Thus, one good way to lessen anxiety is by focusing on the present. Accept that although you can always prepare for it, you cannot really control future events. It is useless to keep on thinking about things that could happen because it may not even happen at all. Thus, prepare for the future but resolve to live life day by day and you may see your anxieties fly away.

Relationships are like two-edged swords; while meaningful ones bring immense benefits, people in toxic relationships can badly suffer. Even so, since we can all grow and learn from our deep connections with others, relationships are usually worth taking the risk. So prepare wisely, let go of anxieties and hope for the best.

Glen and Joya BakerThree Tips To Cope With Relationship Anxiety
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5 Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship

Fostering healthy and meaningful relationships is one of the best and most effective ways to improve your success in business and your fulfillment in life. Whether you seek advice from a life coach or business mentor or you find clarity from discussing your current situations with a lifelong friend, family member, or spouse, feeling connected to people has a very direct impact on your personal and professional well-being.

However, it’s important to pay attention to the ways these relationships affect and influence our daily lives. Relationships change just like people do, and not all relationships are going to be perfect forever. A relationship that was once a source of happiness may no longer be providing you with the same health benefits it used to. And that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with admitting a relationship has run its course as long as you can identify when it is no longer providing you with positivity, happiness, and fulfillment. Read these 5 signs to make sure you can recognize the red flags of a toxic relationship.

You have mismatched life goals

You learn and grow best when you are influenced by people who share common life goals and similar values. These relationships are a constant reminder to be better and do more in the pursuit of your dreams. But if you are constantly surrounding yourself with people who are chasing an entirely different dream or lead a way of life in contrast to your own, the relationship is likely providing more harm than good to your own life path.

Your relationships take more than they give

Whether they drain you of time, energy, or emotion, relationships can be toxic when they take more from you than they give. Healthy relationships should be mutually beneficial and established on the fundamental purpose to build each other up and meet each other’s needs. Whether it’s to provide insight and advice or offer support, every relationship you have in life should be a source of fulfillment––not the opposite. If your relationship is feeling a little one-sided lately, it may be time to reevaluate the purpose of this relationship in your life.

You constantly judge and criticize him or her

There are virtually zero benefits to a relationship where you find yourself constantly judging and criticizing the other person. Often times, these negative habits are rooted in selfishness or jealousy and drain you of valuable energy that should be used in more beneficial areas of your life. Not to mention, the reason you find yourself in constant criticism is because of a disconnect in life values, and your partner is likely judging and criticizing your life values as well. And no one has the time, energy, and effort for a toxic relationship like that.

Spending time with him or her feels like a chore

If making plans with someone feels more like something to check off your to-do list rather than spending enjoyable time together, then something in your relationship has gone off track. Whether you feel drained from his or her constant negativity or your conversations and time together no longer feel as fulfilling as it used to, it may be time to let the relationship lapse.

The only thing you have in common is the past

Sometimes relationships evolve from time and circumstance depending on your stage of life. But people move through life at different speeds, and keeping relationships that cause you to dwell on the past may actually be hindering your ability to advance in life. You need relationships that keep you proactive and forward-thinking, so you can constantly work towards your future instead of staying in your past.

More than anything, make sure the relationships in your life are nothing short of fulfilling because you don’t deserve anything less than that.


Glen and Joya Baker5 Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship
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