Top 3 Things to Wish for in The Trevi Fountain

When in Rome, there are a few things that everyone has to do—they are the unwritten, unspoken laws of traveling in Italy. One of those universally accepted laws is that you must cast your wish into the Trevi Fountain. But why? Well, superstition holds true that tossing three coins into the Trevi Fountain will ensure that you return to Rome, strike up a new romance, and marry the person of your dreams. If you’ve already been to Rome several times, and you’ve met the man or woman of your dreams and married him or her, then what is there left to wish for?

Obviously, you can wish for whatever you’d like. And don’t worry about wasting any coins in the fountain. The coins are collected each night and redistributed toward funding a special supermarket to serve the poor with the help of the Italian Red Cross.

But, if you are wondering what to wish for when you’re tossing your coins into the Trevi Fountain, consider these three great options:

Wish for World Peace

This one really goes without explaining. World peace is world peace. Who wouldn’t be for it? And, if it doesn’t come about as a result of your coin tossing, at least you’ve inadvertently donated to a worthy local cause. That’s one step in the right direction toward making that wish come true!

Wish for Freedom

Not for yourself. If you’re already on vacation in Italy, and you can afford to literally throw money away, you have the kind of freedom that 98 percent of the world only dreams about. When you find yourself wanting for something to wish for at the edge of the Trevi Fountain, wish for freedom for those who have yet to attain it.

Then, when you get home from your trip, start kicking it into action and work to help others find their freedom. What better wish fulfillment is there than a job well done, after all?

Wish for More Wishes

Okay, this one is kind of a cop-out. But, the truth is: wishing for more wishes only means that you have the capacity to dream bigger than the fountain will allow.

When in Rome, it’s only appropriate to dream big and live bigger. So go ahead, make whatever wish your heart desires!

Glen and Joya BakerTop 3 Things to Wish for in The Trevi Fountain


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  • Chris Alvarez - April 1, 2017 reply

    Wish for more wishes ????

  • Trenelle - April 4, 2017 reply

    Wow!!! I definitely have to make a trip here. Can’t wait to build those memories

  • Jessiknows - April 4, 2017 reply

    Wish for freedom … for others! Awesome selfless mindset!!!

  • Scarlett Gomez-Galvan - April 4, 2017 reply

    Wish for a better future for myself and my family and build a legacy like your family.

  • Chris Garcia - April 5, 2017 reply

    Definitely want to go here with my wife and our future kids. Being world travelers and adventure chasers!

  • Eddie - April 5, 2017 reply

    Love it! “dream big, live bigger”!

  • Michelle - April 5, 2017 reply

    When I was a child, I would imagine what my three wishes would be if I ever ran into a genie. One wish was to have an infinite number of wishes. I guess that wish came true! All things that have been created did start in the mind by wishing and dreaming, which later became a reality. I will wish to my heart’s content!

  • Jayson evangelista - April 5, 2017 reply

    Great article, thank you glen and joya for everything you do. My wife and i apreciate you both!

  • David - April 5, 2017 reply

    Man, this article is great! I appreciate your heart and humor. Keep it coming!

  • Andy Cedillo - April 5, 2017 reply

    Wish I was in Rome with Glen and Joya. I’m blessed to know them.

  • Aaron - April 5, 2017 reply

    Wish for more wishes.
    I love that!

  • Dion Richardson - April 5, 2017 reply

    Nothing like freedom! When we have that, we can truly make the world better.

  • Kirby - April 5, 2017 reply

    Truly an incredible and inspirational couple!

  • Jose - April 6, 2017 reply

    That’s beautiful !!!
    It’s wonderful that the fountain funds such a great program! More wishes please ???

  • Marilyn - April 6, 2017 reply

    Fantastic husband -✔️
    Travel ✔️
    Bless others ✔️✔️✔️✔️
    Wish for more wishes?

  • Wana - April 6, 2017 reply

    Can’t wait to be traveling the world with you guys! You guys are the best mentors.

  • Alpana Gowdar - April 7, 2017 reply

    Brilliant! Obsessing over wishing freedom for everyone is absolutely a gift that keeps on giving.

  • Chianne - April 7, 2017 reply

    I can’t wait to visit the Trevi Fountain. Thanks for the tips! 🙂

  • Duke P. - April 8, 2017 reply

    Wow, this a now a must on our list of places to travel soon! Love it!

  • Kristin Gonzales - April 8, 2017 reply

    The first time I went to Rome was truly unforgettable, and what I thought would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. But thanks to my mentors, I’ll be able to return to Rome, and this time, move at my own pace instead of cramming everything into three days!

  • Camille Ho - April 8, 2017 reply

    Seeing the Trevi fountain was one of my favorite parts of Rome. I can’t wait until my husband and I are retired and can go back with our kids!

  • LaNeida Briggs - April 9, 2017 reply

    These are awesome wishes, ones that support others’ dreams and put no limits on your own. I can’t wait to visit and toss in a few coins myself!

  • Eric - April 9, 2017 reply

    Very beautiful!

  • Eduard - April 10, 2017 reply

    Awesome place to visit!

  • Anna - April 10, 2017 reply

    Definitely going there! Thank you for helping us dream build even more!

  • Kayla - April 12, 2017 reply

    We will go there and wish for this and more! Thank you for all you do and for working hard to help others wish for more wishes and accomplish them! Love you!

  • Tiara - April 16, 2017 reply

    I definitely will be doing this! What an awesome idea ???

  • Ashley Stutzman - April 17, 2017 reply

    Great perspective! Blessed to have the kind of freedom that 98% of the world dreams about and hope to make an impact for them as well!

  • Alex Olson - April 28, 2017 reply

    To be able to live on 20% of your income and to give the 80% away to causes we believe in, and help people to do the same, man this world will change.

  • june - May 1, 2017 reply

    I have been here twice but cant wait to go again!!

  • Yvonne F. - May 6, 2017 reply

    Yes!! I wish for freedom for everyone in the world who doesn’t have the choices we have. Thank you for your incredible example and for teaching me to dream bigger!!

  • Jenn - May 13, 2017 reply

    Can’t wait to take my kids there!

  • Leslie - May 24, 2017 reply

    Incredible insight!

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